Friday, January 21, 2011

The Tale of the Wallet-y Things

It all started with some gift certificates to a few restaurants that I wanted to give my parents for Christmas. Simple enough right? Well, my lawyer sister seemed to think that our parents would lose them. (Why, I really don't know. They raised four of us and we never got lost...) So what's a girl to do but head to the sewing room and make a very fun wallet-y thing to keep the gift certificates in. Easy Peasy. The gift was a hit and won't get lost.

Then my SIL and I decided to do the same thing for our in-laws. And even though we had every confidence they wouldn't lose their gift cards, how could I not make two? I am not sure which was the bigger hit: the gift cards or the wallet-y thing. What I do know is that a week later my MIL emailed and asked for 6 larger wallet-y things that she could put stationary into for some friends hers.

Two down , 4 to go........ Maybe I should have just gone with a tie and some perfume :)


  1. No wonder your MIL requested more 'wallets'. These are really cute! Sometimes our cleverness and sewing abilities get us in trouble! LOL!