Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day Smorgasbord

Giveaway with Don't Call Me Betsy
We're sponsoring a weekend giveaway with the fabulous Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Betsy. Winners will receive 8 half yard cuts from Art Gallery Fabrics. Pat Bravo's designs are so beautiful and luscious and work for all sorts of quilts and projects. Hurry over to enter before the contest ends on Sunday, Jan. 2!

Must. Have. Now.
That is the message I got from my sister when the 2 new vans/car prints arrived in our shop last week. ( I actually have 3 sisters however this one is the other fabric junkie.) When we spoke the next morning she let it be known that what she really needed was 2 napkins made from these prints to go with the ones I gave my nephew last year. So, since they're easy to make, I whipped these together for him. And I couldn't very well make some for him without also making a couple for his little sister.

Happy, Happy New Year!
On a side note, my youngest sent off a letter to Santa this year. There is a special collection mailbox just for  this. In return, she received a letter from the North Pole yesterday. After reading the letter aloud to us, she said, "Now I REALLY know there is a Santa."

Happy Holidays to you and your families!!


  1. I love those vans, too! Is that some AH June Bug I spy up there? That's one of my new favorite collections right now. My toddler son is the one who actually spotted it and turned me on to it at a fabric store a few weeks ago - he was wandering about, and pulled a bolt of the Jubilee one off the rack, and said, "Mommy, you will like this!"

    Thanks so much for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway! I can't wait to see who wins! :)

  2. Those car prints are awesome. So cute!

  3. I believe it was, "charlie needs these. stat."

    Thanks, the napkums are much used and loved already!