Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Half Square Triangles made a bit easier

Our good friend Liz, from Goddess in Progress Quilts (formerly Teeny Tiny Quilts), began a Half Square Triangle quilt with her scraps paired with Kona bone. The saga begins here. It's a bang up idea and a great way to (use up), I mean, showcase scraps. And let's just say right up front that this is going to be gorgeous. It's one of my "someday" quilts.

The other thing we need to say about HSTs is that they are t-e-d-i-o-u-s in any kind of quantity. What if you could eliminate half of the cutting? Sounds good, right? Enter Moda Bella solids charm packs. We brought them into the shop in White and Snow, a creamy off white.

I sorely wished we had come across these in time for Liz. (Sorry Liz!!) Go on over and start stalking Liz's blog because we're sending a charm pack on over her way to offer to her readers.


  1. Ah, but here's the real question: how do you line up the edges when working with precuts with pinked edges?
    I've mixed a jelly roll with my own strips and don't know how to line them up for my 1/4" seam. Help! :)

  2. (pssst. Her blog isn't Teeny Tiny Quilts, it's Goddess In Progress Quilts....)

  3. @ Elena - I just do the best I can and (luckily for me) I embrace the wonky and am not a stickler for measurements. :)

    @ felicity - good catch. I remember Liz from way back when...