Thursday, May 26, 2011

So. Sorry. For. The. Snail's. Pace.

Aack! After the resounding response to the last post of new fabric arrivals, we wanted to hop right up and share some more fabric goodness with you but alas, both Becca and I found ourselves sick in the past week. Becca bounced back first and now I'm finally on the mend. Now maybe we can get back on track.

Some Melody Miller is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Yipee!! And don't tell the UPS man but Westminster/Free Spirit has 174 pounds (!) of fabric arriving on our doorstep next Wednesday. Loulouthi perhaps? Somersault? Wrenly? When we know, you'll know.

Thanks for your patience with our slooooow blogging. We love you all and read each and every comment with glee. There are not enough hours in the day sometimes to do all that we'd like to. And to thank you again, we'd like to offer our 2.5/5/7 shipping deal to our faithful blog followers until 5/31. Use the code "SNAIL" in Notes to Seller for your purchase and we'll set your shipping costs at a flat rate of $2.50 US/ $5 Canada and $7 International. Refunds will be made through PayPal after purchase. You're the best. Thanks!

peg and becca

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabric Addicts Only Need Read Ahead

These are but a smattering of the goodies (in no particular order) that are currently on order for the Sew Fresh Fabri-holic. More details and release dates to follow. (This is for you, Lynne, because we know you're chomping at the bit. :)

Once Upon A Time...

... a fabric princess named Tula Pink created a lush and textural aquatic world of turtles, snails, frogs and more. Prince Charming is her new line with Free Spirit fabrics and the rich and soothing palettes of Indigo, Coral, Honey and Olive are just scrumptious. We were smitten immediately. Her designs are elegant and clever and really must be seen. We met her at Quilt Market and she's lovely. Her booth won a prize but we didn't take a picture. Boo on us. Visit our shop to see the new arrivals!

Monday, May 16, 2011

We Went. We Saw. We Ordered Lots of Fabric!

We're back from Quilt Market in Salt Lake City with lots of orders written for some pretty darn gorgeous fabric! We're working off the jetlag, catching up on shop orders and seeing our families. We'll be posting soon about new lines and great finds. Thanks for your patience while we've been out!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Quilter's Fairtyale (or a Fabric Love Affair)

It may surprise you to know that both Becca and I were reluctant quilters.

I was a painter who stopped into a LQS to get some thread to sew on a button. I was instantly mesmerized by the colors, designs and the delicious tactile quality of fabric. I knew immediately I had to do something with this.

Becca was a lifelong knitter who signed up for a 4 week class to make a simple quilt. Two years later, she and I were still in the same 'you pick your project' quilt class, swapping blog finds, gushing over fabrics and oohing and aahing over Flickr projects.

Our stashes grew. The annual quilting weekend with the girls became semi-annual. We both just wanted to sew and play with fabric. All. The. Time. (Maybe pile it up in pretty stacks and pet it once in a while.)

That is the short version of how Sew Fresh Fabrics was born.

We tell you this story as we get ready to go to our First Quilt Market (!!!!!) in Salt Lake City later this week. We simply love fabric and we have a point of view. Fresh (like our name). Sometimes modern, sometimes classic (who doesn't love a dot?). Maybe a wee bit quirky. A blog friend once said that she liked the "curated" feel to our shop.

If we find a good print, we'll stock it until the manufacturer no longer makes it. If we like one print of a line, we'll buy just that one. If we like a whole collection, we'll stock it. We hope to bring you the best of the best.

And we're excited to find more of the best at Quilt Market this week! We thank our fabulous customers for their confidence in us and your amazing support. You make this job even better every day.

*Because we will be at Quilt Market later this week, the last shipping day of the week will be Thursday for orders placed by Wednesday evening. Regular shipping will resume next week and may take a day or two to catch up to normal shipping pace. We appreciate your patience!!

**The visual for this post is the Bento Box quilt that I just completed. It was the perfect pattern for someone who doesn't like patterns and a great way to use lots of fantastic prints. The last picture was taken by my four-year old after I had hung it in the gallery where it is for sale. Not a bad shot.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bundles and a Rare Find!

Daisy Janie Organics Shades of Grey bundle

Unafraid of Color for Lynne at Lily's Quilts.

Orange You in Need of Me Stash Builder

Blue Green and Grey Stash Builder


.... we've scored some Lizzy House Red Letter Day, available in two bundles. Sweet!