Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're Blown Away

Literally and figuratively.

This photo is from the first of 3 storms that dropped a foot of snow EACH! on us. We have 2 more feet on the ground from what you see here. The small boy doesn't mind a bit!

Also from the overwhelming response we've had to our Scrap Bee! The amazing quilters who have volunteered are full of enthusiasm and willingness to help. Our Flickr group is already showing the first blocks for the Project Linus quilts. We have people signed up for at least two more quilts!

(Note: if you've expressed interest and haven't gotten an email from us, we haven't been able to get your email from Blogger, contact us through email please.)

Becca and I would like to get the first 2 quilts through the entire process of being assembled, quilted and bound and then we may refigure the parameters so that we can better make use of your enormous talents and generosity. (Also, you won't have to wait so long to get scraps and start sewing). We've thought of asking for foster mothers for some quilt tops, quilting and binding projects to keep things rolling along. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for the enthusiastic response. We're just delighted.

Now back to the shoveling.


  1. Brrrr I can't even look out the window right now it just makes me cold. I put myself on a shoveling protest today. I'm such a rookie I ended up pulling something in my arm trying to clear the driveway yesterday. Please lie to me and tell me it'll all be over soon.

  2. Hi Peg - Stay warm. It looks like someone is enjoying the snow at least! My husband is in the midst of a blizzard in Madison, WI and here in MN it is just plain frigid. Ahhh winter.

    I am contributing a block for the girl quilt this time around, but I would be happy to help out in the future, too. I'm in the midst of moving right now, so I can mostly offer logistical/administrative support right now. But hopefully later this year I could help move quilts through the process.

  3. Holy moly, girls!!! Stay warm!!! That is so crazy! By the way, I'd be happy to do some quilting or binding or what-have-you for these quilts in the future if you need help with them. I do have my block done, just need to get it photographed and in the mail to you. :)

  4. Nice snow! He looks like he's having a great time!

    I have loved joining this Bee and I hope that I can be part again in the future! Keep me posted if you need help!

    You gals are great...I do appreciate all you've done and I can't wait to see the end product. =) I hope to mail my block today or tomorrow!