Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Bit Off Topic

Well, if you've followed me from my previous blog on wordpress (Ivy Arts) then you know that I'm a baker. I think it's fair to say that I'm an experienced baker. I've been making the lion's share of the bread in our house for about 5 years and I have a sourdough starter that's nearly as old as my son. I conquered my fear of yeast years ago.

A favorite on my blogroll is the lovely and talented Dana from Old Red Barn Co. She's been baking and posting tempting pictures of her treats. Maybe it's the cold winter or (just possibly) my sweet tooth but I've caved twice. Last week it was chocolate chip cookies. My kids favorite cookie. No biggie there.

But then, this week it was these. Kolaches. I'm not even sure I can pronounce it but they just looked delicious.

Well suffice it to say that mine did not come out as mouth-wateringly gorgeous as hers.

Oh they look tasty enough (frosting can do that), and believe me, they are. But maybe I made them too big, or didn't let them rise enough the first time, but they got some tremendous oven spring that made them lose all the jam that was so lovingly placed on each. You can taste a hint of strawberry under the glaze but that's about it. The parchment paper is where most of the jam landed. Sigh. Not quite as planned but still a very edible mistake.


  1. They sure look yummy! I'd be glad to test them out......... ;-)

  2. Awe, they do still look good. That happened to me with jam filled muffins once. Somehow over 1/2 of them had holes in the bottom where the jam leaked out and stuck to the muffin tin! =OP I guess they tasted fine, but I was annoyed. =)

  3. They sure look yummy to me!! I've found that when you make the indention to put the jam into you need to make it deep without puncturing the bottom. Also, you need to make the indention several times cause the dough kind of wants to immediately spring back. Looks like a good excuse to make them again!