Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Projects - Take 1

It's November folks and we don't need to tell you which season is fast approaching. So much more doesn't need repeating as well. Busy.... yup. Budget.... ouch.

So we're talking fast and easy holiday projects here. One sitting, maybe two. Materials that you probably have or maybe you'd need to purchase a fat quarter here. :) Just sayin'.

Today is clutches and checkbook covers. The checkbook covers that Becca made with Echino linen/cotton blends use a Keykalou pattern. The clutch envelope (Echino with some interfacing to stiffen) was a bit free-form, based on this tutorial. The patchwork zip pouch is also an improv. Lots of jumping off places can be found online. Need to put in a zipper... You Tube can show you how. So much of the sewing community is so generous with their tutorials. Use them well and credit them generously.

Let's make this a handmade season people. A little love goes a long way. And please show us your creations in our Flickr group. (Sounding a little Hill Street Blues here, don't know why, but you better be careful with those needles out there.)


  1. thanks for the nudge to get working! christmas is FAST approaching!

  2. Love the check book covers...I have a list of things I want to get made, just not enough me...or time! =)

  3. Umm, yep thanks for the reminder! I'm getting so off track I really need to refocus on Christmas!