Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're not faithful. There. We said it.

Not to this blog of late, that's for sure. A crazy summer is over and and we've committed to pay more attention here. There's a line in a Lyle Lovett song that says, "she wasn't good but she had good intentions." That kinda covers it.

And Becca, that vixen, has been spending time as a Farmer's Wife in addition to hanging with her dear hubby of 20+ years. Now, if she were truly committed to the Farmer, she'd be showing us over 30 blocks but these 17 are just so gorgeous that we can forgive her unfaithfulness.

In honor of these beauties, we're again offering our Farmer's Wife Scrap Packs in the shop. These are 10 ounces of scraps, the equivalent of about 2 yards of fabric, cut in various sized squares, rectangles and a few strips. There are some classic prints and some of our latest arrivals. If there's a scrappy project in your future, you'll want to play with these. But don't take our word for it. This is a sampling of what our customers say about our scrap packs.

"This was a fantastic bundle and one of my all-time favorite fabric purchases! I've been using it up bit by bit as I make my way through the Farmer's Wife blocks!"

"This is just the best scrap pack ever! All the fabrics Sew Fresh Fabrics carries are super cute and high quality, and this scrap pack is a sampling of a lot of those. I'm just so happy with it!"

Have patience with us as we work through our commitment issues. Thanks. 


  1. Well... given the lickety-split customer service you show, even demanding customers like me can forgive you for missing a blog post here and there. ;) Thanks for all you do!

  2. Honestly, I don't know how you get anything done past cutting and shipping fabric!

  3. nice post. Now you can find exporters from india for bulk silk fabrics import & export business.

  4. I love scraps! Becca's Farmer's Wife blocks are very nice. I'm not sewing along, but may eventually join up...Awful hard not to want to with pics like these tempting me...

  5. Anyone who quotes Lyle Lovett has my forgiveness.:) The Farmer's Wife blocks are lovely!