Monday, July 4, 2011

Zen Chic Pattern Winners!

The almighty algorithm at has chosen #6 and #30 as winners in the Zen Chic giveaway! (Whoever responds first gets dibs on the pattern of their choice. Sorry to be a stinker. Mr. Random is too impartial.)

#6 is Sequana ...

I love that Stony Snippets quilt pattern. However, I like anything she has. What a great new entry into the fabric design world. thx for the chance to win.

#30 is Tamie said...

My browser won't play either but I'll try my computer later. I love the Swiss bag in orange too.

We're sending off emails to you both, but feel free to contact us! Happy 4th of July!

We'd like to thank Brigitte Heitland for giving the patterns to us for the giveaway. We're thrilled with her ventures into the fabric world and look forward to buying her fabrics on the bolt very soon!!


  1. Of course, I couldn't wait and purchased the Stoney Snippets. So that other one.....something with "brick" in the title? I'll check it out now.

  2. Orange Brick......that would be my choice.