Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introducing Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski

Gallery Fiori, the first fabric line by artist Karen Tusinski immediately caught my eye at Quilt Market. And why wouldn't it? The colors are rich and sophisticated, the painterly and textured quality to the design is stunning. Doesn't it figure that a former painter would go for a fabric collection designed by a painter? Indeed. Add in that Karen is a local artist to our Sew Fresh Fabric land (north of Boston) and we were sold. I had seen Karen's work locally and knew her name from the art circles. It felt like cheering on a friend we'd never met.

It turns out that Karen is as friendly as she is talented. She has graciously agreed to a little interview on our blog. Without further ado, let's see what she has to say.

You started (and continue) as a painter. What is your background and what led you to fabric design?
My fabric line magically began as a result from 2 very important interactions::: as you know Lilla Rogers Studio represents me for all sorts of clients interested in my selected body of work for reproduction purposes; P&B Textiles is one of these companies. So, after Lilla negotiates and licenses etc., then I work with the company (P&B) interested in reproducing my work. P&B extracted patterns from my paintings to create a repeating design for fabric. Then fabric boards are created for my final approval.

Do you have a sewing background?
Although I have a very limited sewing background, I truly believe there is not much difference between using cloth to sew quilts and painting a painting ....... we all use color to create vibrant & exciting compositions. Artists who use cloth to convey a story are quite similar to artists who use paint to tell their story.

I cannot believe what is out there re: quilts these days ..... from landscapes, to abstract pieced quilts. I'm quite sure buying an inspirational yard of fabric is not unlike me buying a new tube of paint!!!

What is it like to see your images on fabric? What would you like to see created with your fabric?
O my goodness!!!! This is such an exciting time, as you can imagine. I am truly curious to see what folks do with my fabric line ..... although I may never know ......unless someone creates a piece & wants to e-mail me!!!! I think my line evokes that mid-century reminds me of similar patterns growing up as a child. I would love to see quilts, clothing, drapes, sheets, & all the rest in between!

What is next on your fabric journey?
I'm not sure how to answer this one, I just keep painting!!! Although I would love to try & sew a poppy painting together using my fabric---!!

The entire Gallery Fiori collection is available in the shop.


  1. I love that she is local! I used to work in a gallery in Rockport when I was fresh out of college.

  2. Love Karen's work! Can you advise when the fabric will be in your store?

  3. @cm - We have Karen's entire line of fabric in the shop now!

  4. Thanks -- what is the exact address of your shop, and what are the hours? Couldn't find on your facebook page or your blog :( Thanks!!!