Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Win-Win Situation

The Castle Peeps giveaway on Liz's blog, Teeny Tiny Quilts is over and Helen from New Zealand is the lucky winner of a FQ set of Peeps in Gallant Green. The fantastic readers of TTQ gave us some good direction as to new Kona colors they'd like us to stock. The top votes for specific colors were Cerise, Pomegranate and Celery.

Great choices! We love them. For those who couldn't pick just one color, the most requested hues were purples and pinks, followed closely by greens and blues. In response, we've listed "I'm Blue for Greens" FQ and half yard packs in our shop. It's 12 fabrics in our selection of greens and blues.

A new Kona order is in the works and I'm sure the result will be a pink and purple package. Thanks for the great feedback. Happy Sewing!


  1. Glad you got in some good market research! :-)

    I LOVE your solid bundles. Great idea, and gorgeous!

  2. My most favorite color combination--blues and greens. What a pretty stack of solids.