Sunday, April 15, 2012

Congratulations Refund Winners!

After a number of spins through the Random Number Generator to get a US and and International entry, we have winners! Next year we'll have separate posts for the US and Overseas readers to make this easier.

Both Charlotte S and AlyceB is going to go into a bit of color shock after only using white. :)

Charlotte S (US)
Kona Snow is by far my favorite but I try to get a new shade of green each time I replenish my Snow.

AlyceB (International)
I'm still a newbie at this quilting thing, so I don't have much of a solids stash at all. As in, I have my LQS own brand in white and that's it. But I use it in practically every project - HSTs, sashing, borders. Always buy it in a couple of metres at a time when it's on sale so I always have a supply! (Overseas follower here!)

We've managed to bring in a few Kona Color Cards to send along with their refund so they'll know what they're sewing with.

Happy Sewing Ladies!


  1. Oh I am so happy for Alyce...that is going to lead to so much creativity. Thank you for a really practical give-away and for opening it to us internationals.

  2. Congratulations to both're both going to have sew much fun with all those great solids. Yes, I'm with Fiona, thanks SFF for opening up such a great giveaway to internationals.


  3. congratulations to the lucky ladies!!

  4. These fabrics are wonderful. Thanks for them! I love the card too.